Who are We?

RPT Percussions offers a diverse range of quality hand drums:  from custom carved handmade African djembes, udu drums, talking drums, log drums to Latin conga drums and percussion, to Indian bongos and Native American frame drums.  For those who want to bring a bit of tropical paradise to their own home or community, authentic Bali gazebos provide a picture-perfect setting for your drum circles.  Our finely-crafted hand drums and percussion instruments are supplied by craftsmen and manufacturers from around the globe that support fair trade.

The owners and staff of Legacy Rhythms seek to develop a greater understanding of the links between the human spirit and music.  Research supporting the benefits of drumming and music therapy can be found here.  We will continue to update the information on this site as it becomes available to us.  We believe that life becomes complete in community.  Drum circles are a powerful way to create community, anywhere and anytime.  Crossing cultural and language barriers, drum circles offer a connection to those around us in a way that few others can.  Our extensive personal involvement with a variety of musical outlets and drum circles has enabled us to see and experience firsthand the tremendous value that music plays in personal awareness, physical and emotional health, spiritual enlightenment, and relational bonding.

We are glad you found us and invite you to take time to explore the information on our site before deciding what hand drum is right for you.  Choosing a drum is a very personal experience that shouldn’t be rushed.  Materials, tuning, and size are all factors that need to be considered.  Hand drums also make excellent gifts for family and friends, and, if properly cared for, can be passed down from generation to generation.  While you’re here, check out our quotes page and links to other music and percussion sites.  Once, again, we welcome you and thank you for shopping at RPT Percussions!